Listings for East Beaches - St. Clements

  • Balsam Bay

    The community of Balsam Bay lies slightly south of Grand Beach. The recorded history of the community reaches back to 1884, when a local cemetery became the official free burial grounds to anyone living in the communities of Stony Point, Beaconia, and Balsam Bay.

    The community post office opened for business on 1 November 1887, and the Balsam Bay Church emerged around 1920 ~ its name became St. Luke’s. Balsam Bay is currently home to eight cottage subdivisions and is growing rapidly.

  • Beaconia

    Beaconia was originally named after a beacon that was set up here in the late 19th century. It was a Station House for the Canadian National Railway on the shore of Lake Winnipeg in the first decades of the 20thcentury.

    There is now a plaque that commemorates the founding of the village over a hundred years ago.

  • Boulder Bay

  • Grand Beach

    Grand Beach, 80 kilometres (50 min.) north of Winnipeg, has been a favourite Manitoba holiday destination ever since 1916.
    Manitoba's little piece of paradise on the prairies.

    The board walk that extends along the beach was built in the early 1930s - great for an afternoon walk along the beach. Check out the signs depicting the past glory of one of Manitoba's oldes resorts.

  • Grand Marais

  • Gull Lake

  • Island Beach

  • Lakeshore Heights

  • Patricia Beach

    Patricia Beach is situated on a sandy peninsula that extends into Lake Winnipeg, while Beaconia lines a sandy island, joined to the mainland by a causeway. Sitting side by side, the beaches are separated by a channel which joins a marshy lagoon to the Lake.

  • Sunset Beach

  • White Sands Estates

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